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Speaxelf - Let's Speak Selfie!

Speaxelf is a fun new way to create (and share) professional video selfies quickly and easily. It is the world's only mobile app, which ensures that you look right into the camera while speaking.

Take professional selfie

Have you ever tried to record yourself on video while giving a speech? Before Speaxelf you had to either learn the text by heart, or read it from a paper, or you had to improvise.

Memorize easily

Memorizing could be painfully tiresome, it takes long and it is easy to make mistakes. If you choose to read the text from a piece of paper you would lose eye contact, resulting in an unengaging video no one wants to watch. Improvising is hard for most people, and if you make a mistake you can start your video all over again.

Speaxelf: the Selfie Video Agency

Speaxelf is an app created for smarthpones with iOS and Android which helps you to communicate on a professional level.

How it works

Speaxelf is a unique app which displays the text of your video message as close to the camera as possible, so you would always look straight into the eyes of your viewers. And playback speed is adjustable, so you would be able to fully control the pace of your video message like a pro. No more rush, no more preparation and training required.

How to create your own Speaxelf Video:

  • Copy the text
  • Start recording
  • Check the video when you are finished
  • Share it


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